ariel rosé

ariel rosé

ariel rosé Photo: © Valdis Jansons

ariel rosé is a poet, essayist, and illustrator originally from Poland, resident of Norway, based in Berlin.

They are the author and illustrator of the books morze nocą jest mięśniem serca (the sea by night is a muscle of the heart, PIW, 2022) and Północ. Przypowieści (North: Parables, Znak, 2019), which had its launch at the Miłosz Festival (both published under the name Alicja Rosé). Their writing has appeared in leading European publications like Revue Esprit, BLA, Czas Literatury, Gazeta Wyborcza, Mellom, Ny Tid, Pismo, Samtiden, Vinduet and Zeszyty Literackie.

ariel received the Warsaw Literary Award and was named to the IBBY Honor List for their illustrations for Magdalena Tulli’s book Ten i Tamten Las (This and The Other Forest) (Oficyna Wydawnicza Wilk & Król, 2017). They were also nominated for the Most Beautiful Book Award for their illustrations for Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s Kocia Książka (Cat Book) (Oficyna Wydawnicza Wilk & Król, 2015).

They translate poetry and prose from English, Italian, French, Norwegian, and Spanish into Polish, as well as from Polish into English. They translated from French and illustrated Laura Ulonati’s book Dans tout le bleu (Actes Sud, 2021) (Cały ten błękit, Wydawnictwo Nowe, 2022). They also translated Ilya Kaminsky’s Dancing in Odessa (Tupelo Press, 2004), which is soon to be released by Pogranicze/Borderland.

As a resident of Norway, ariel was invited to attend the Norway Guest of Honor program of the Warsaw Book Fair in 2022. There, they presented Norwegian and Ukrainian poetry and led a meeting with the Norwegian poet Aina Villanger, which featured ariel’s translations of her poetry. They are a member of Literary Union and Literary Translators Association in Poland, Litteratur på Blå in Oslo, Norway and Circolo Scandinavo in Rome, Italy.

In 2023, ariel collaboratively launched Both Sides of the Border Face East, an international arts initiative focused on Eastern/Central Europe. The project is under the patronage of Marci Shore and supported by the Fondation Jan Michalski and the Renaissance Institute. Its inaugural iteration was dedicated to the war in Ukraine. ariel also initiated Wiersze Nie Płoną (Poems Don’t Burn), a marathon reading of Ukrainian poetry with music, to raise funds for Ukrainian publishers.



  • Hedlandet Residens, Sweden




  • USF Bergen, Norway



  • International Writers 'and Translators' House, Ventspils, Latvia


  • Serlachius, Mänttä, Finland
  • Glasslåven Arts Center, Norway
  • MoKS, Estonia


  • Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, Gotland
  • Sylt Foundation, Germany
  • Mustarinda, Finland
  • MoKS, Estonia
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