ariel rosé

Północ Przypowieści (North: Parables)

Znak 2019

The book is a record of the author's journey through Europe on the North-South axis in order to understand what it means to be European today. “Północ” stands both for “North” and “midnight”, while “Przypowieści” stands for biblical parables but it also sounds like “przy-powieści”, that is “next-to-a-novel”, “a little novel”, a short tale. The book is composed of a cycle of poems with titles that come from lakes and rivers of the Scandinavia and Baltic countries and are significative for the poems (inspired by William Wordsworth). The poem “Simone Weil” is the heart and the key of/to the book.

English, French, Spanish translations in progress.

“Alicja Rosé's poems are like nets cast far, in these poems there are lakes and saunas, Ibsen and cats, but also human matters, the heart and contemplation of the most important things. Far from poetic fashion, from compulsory mockery. And yet it is possible to write so simply, not forgetting that maybe the world has some meaning. And the fact that it's hard to find it, it's not our fault. A beautiful debut!” Adam Zagajewski


  • Zbigniew Chojnowski, Wędrowna męka Alicji Rosé, Twórczość 11/2020


  • the Identitas Award Nomination 2022 Zbigniew Chojnowski: Poeta zdaje się mówić, że świat istnieje w tym celu, aby człowiek się mógł w nim obejrzeć i zobaczyć, a to znaczy właśnie poznawać, potwierdzać, odkrywać swoje jestestwo, sferę przeżyć i samowiedzy.
  • shortlisted to the Szymborska Award 2020